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  • How do I enter values for an attribute that is marked as repeating?
    • Attributes that accept repeating values need entries delimited by a double semi-colon – for example john;;doe
  • How do I use a value from the context?
    • To use a value from the context use the following notation: "takeFromCtx=KEY" (where KEY is the key name of the context whose value needs to be substituted).
  • How do I know if a test step can contain validation/context loader steps?
    • Have a look at the sample data textbox to know this
  • Why do my test cases run fine inside the Test harness but don’t work in my visual studio test projects?
    • BizUnit Designer creates test cases that assume all the required assemblies (that contain test steps) are present in the same folder as that of the executing assembly - so double-check if the teststep assemblies are copied into the out folder or added as a reference to your test projects.
  • What is the difference between creating a New test case and New from sample test case?
    • A new from sample test case creates a new test case using common templates – it brings new users up to speed quickly and also provides rapid test case development for common scenarios
  • A particular property is being marked as required while I know it is not, why is this?
    • There are some documentation errors in BizUnit and this causes the information in metadata to be listed incorrectly. Ignore these errors or edit the metadata file in BizUnit Designer by hand.
  • What are the Generic Url and Generic text ellipsis options for?
    • The former provides a text box where you can quickly enter any url’s while the latter provides a multiline textbox where you can type in chucks of text like xml.

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