BizUnit Designer is a GUI that allows rapid creation of BizUnit test cases which can be used for unit testing or system testing distributed applications. The easy to use drag and drop user interface has minimal learning curve which will get you up and running with test cases in a matter of minutes.

Note: The test cases generated by BizUnit Designer 1.x are only compatible with BizUnit 2.x

Quick Start:

To create a new test case:
  1. Click on the File->New menu to enable the Test case section
  2. Drag and drop the test steps from the Available test steps section into one of the three stages in the Test case section
  3. Click on each of the test steps in the Test case section to edit it’s attributes in the step attributes section (Use the ellipsis for filling the step attributes quickly)
  4. If you need to re-arrange a test step, right click it and use the context menu
  5. Save the test case into a xml file using the File->Save menu


Test harness:

BizUnit Designer lets you run your test cases without leaving the GUI using its test harness. To run the test cases, you need to copy the BizUnit and other assemblies (dlls) containing the test steps into the BizUnit Designer folder. You can run either a single test case or multiple test cases in a batch mode using the test harness.

How does BizUnit Designer work?

BizUnit designer uses the metadata from BizUnit documentation to retrieve test steps and attributes. This information is used to construct test cases. BizUnit only shows the test steps for which it has the documentation metadata in the metadata folder – this includes all the test steps that come with BizUnit.


The fantastic BizUnit framework is created by Kevin B. Smith. While, BizUnit Designer doesn’t require BizUnit to compose test cases, you will need BizUnit to run the test cases using the test harness. To download BizUnit, go to

The idea of coming up with a GUI for BizUnit was originally evangelized by the BizTalk guru - Benny Mathew ( who also happens to be my good friend and colleague.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are stuck with a question or an issue with BizUnit Designer, there is a good possibility that it is answered in the FAQ located at faq

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